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The Universe: Season, Earth

An Episodic

Think 'Dungeon Crawler Carl' meets 'Ready Player One'.

An alien television show that is designed to showcase planets and civilisations to the rest of the universe has chosen the Earth as its next subject. The giant spaceship (called the TUBA) picks up one (un)lucky human being to play the leading role in this show, though the aliens in control failed to realise that the data uploaded of significant culture to the TUBA from Earth, is not a historical tome... rather it is what humans like to do for entertainment... watch TV, film and play video games.

Each episode of the show is centered around one of these 'documentaries' from Earth, and Jamie Adams finds himself dropped into worlds generated to resemble some of the most popular movies, TV shows etc. from Earth's popular culture.

Jamie must survive the show... and entertain the Universe at large if he wants to save Earth from destruction... but the rewards for a good performance are something that he could never have imagined.

Categories: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Humour, First Contact





This is a story revolving around our MC, Titus. He's been thrown into a situation he never thought possible: his father has sent him to become a Contestant in the Arena.

Levelling up, skills, monsters and fierce battles, Titus must fight for his life to survive the harsh realities of his new world.

Categories: LitRPG

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