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The Universe: Season, Earth

A Patreon Episodic


Think 'Dungeon Crawler Carl' meets 'Ready Player One'.

An alien television show that is designed to showcase planets and civilisations to the rest of the universe has chosen the Earth as its next subject. The giant spaceship (called the TUBA) picks up one (un)lucky human being to play the leading role in this show, though the aliens in control failed to realise that the data uploaded of significant culture to the TUBA from Earth, is not a historical tome... rather it is what humans like to do for entertainment... watch TV, film and play video games.

Each episode of the show is centered around one of these 'documentaries' from Earth, and Jamie Adams finds himself dropped into worlds generated to resemble some of the most popular movies, TV shows etc. from Earth's popular culture.

Jamie must survive the show... and entertain the Universe at large if he wants to save Earth from destruction... but the rewards for a good performance are something that he could never have imagined.

Categories: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Humour, First Contact

Baldur's Children

Out NOW!

Set within a fictional continent and based on the Viking people and Norse mythology, Baldur’s Children is the fight between mortals and the Gods. Set in their ways, the members of the Rakki clan are forbidden to cross the God's Chasm to the east, though one day, this all changes when a mother entrusts the care of her baby girl to Jarl, who is sworn to guard the Chasm.


 Sylfia's true beginnings are hidden from the rest, and she grows up as a valuable clan member as Jarl and Sigrid's true daughter. Sylfia is told by the dying clan Elder, with her dying breath, that she alone is the one who can prevent the passing of Ragnarök.


Breaking their single sacred rule, Sylfia leaves the Rakki clan and crosses the Chasm, only to be followed by her father, who seeks to protect her.


In the west, Sylfia becomes gravely injured by a great wolf and is healed by a man who has the divine power to magically heal her wounds, and the pair are told that once a person enters their settlement, they are forever unable to leave.


Testing what she believes she has been gifted by the Gods, Sylfia leaves the settlement, only to fall again, and this time she enters into a coma that she will not awaken from for some time.


Jarl will discover, as his daughter sleeps, that the people who call themselves 'Baldur's Children' are not all that they seem, and once he finds that they have been milking his daughter of her power so that they too may leave the settlement, the pair escape with the help of two sympathetic clan members.

Categories: Historical Fiction, Epic Fantasy, Norse

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Book 1 - The Hidden Academy.png

Shadows Of Rebellion

A 6-Book YA Fantasy Series

For years, King Roderick has ruthlessly punished any who dare to practice magic. But deep beneath the earth, hidden from the eyes of the king, a secret academy of earth mages has flourished.

When 16-year-old Elara discovers her own powers of earth magic, she is whisked away to the academy to hone her skills. As she learns the ways of magic, Elara discovers that the academy is not just a place to learn, but a place to resist the tyrannical king's reign.

As the academy's mages prepare to fight for their freedom, Elara finds herself at the centre of a dangerous plot to overthrow King Roderick. With the help of her fellow mages and a few unexpected allies, Elara must navigate a web of political intrigue and deadly magic in order to save her friends and bring justice to the kingdom.

But with the king's forces closing in on the academy, Elara and her allies must race against time to uncover the truth behind the rebellion and stop King Roderick's oppressive regime once and for all. Will they succeed, or will the kingdom be plunged into darkness forever?

Categories: Fantasy, Young Adult, Magic, Coming of Age

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