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Thanks for visiting my website! A little about me: I was born on the South East coast of England and grew up in a small and sunny seaside town a stones' throw from the first landing point of Julius Caesar on the British Isles. This may or may not have contributed to my love for both ancient history, and stories of myth and fantasy.

I love to write what I read, and love LitRPG (Gamelit), Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Historical Fantasy genres, though this is not strictly limited as time goes by. I write what he loves and that means sometimes writing outside of the lines!

LitRPG is my passion though, so have a look at Don't Call Me Jack, The Freedom Online series, as well as Welcome to Eden, three LitRPG stories available right now on Amazon!

What is LitRPG, Gamelit and Progression Fantasy?

These genres / terms are all kind of related. Gamelit is a kind of book, story, short story, novella or novel that includes a kind of gaming element - like a person being sucked into a game world (think Ready Player One).


Progression Fantasy books are not too dissimilar from GameLit and LitRPG - In fact, LitRPG is a sub-genre of Progression Fantasy. Progression Fantasies are stories that involve the main character increasing their power, skills or abilities in a tangible way, such as a gene editing program that has a percentage that grows as the book goes on (have you read Legacy of Man?)


LitRPG is my favourite of the three. This is the genre where the main character can see their levels, skills, equipment etc with a system UI, quest screens and notifications. There are so many books in this genre and so much to explore - Audible and Kindle Unlimited are must-haves for these.

What is Kingdom Building or Base Building?

It may sound obvious to some, but generally base building and kingdom building fit within the LitRPG and Gamelit genres. Base building (have you read Cascade Failure?) takes elements from gaming in the way that the MC will help to create a base, settlement, village or location that they will generally control, complete with information panels and sometimes even building levels (have you read The Copper Rose?).

Kingdom building is similar to this though on a much larger scale. Fantasy and Sci-Fi novels usually need this (or World Building) because the setting of the book is not the same as the real world.

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