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Thanks for visiting my website! A little about me: I was born on the South East coast of England and grew up in a small and sunny seaside town a stones' throw from the first landing point of Julius Caesar on the British Isles. This may or may not have contributed to my love for both ancient history, and stories of myth and fantasy.

I love to write what I read, and love LitRPG (Gamelit), Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Historical Fantasy genres, though this is not strictly limited as time goes by. I write what he loves and that means sometimes writing outside of the lines!

LitRPG is my passion though, so have a look at Don't Call Me Jack, The Freedom Online series, as well as Welcome to Eden, three LitRPG stories available right now on Amazon!

Book 1 - The Hidden Academy.png

Shadows Of Rebellion

A 6-Book YA Fantasy

For years, King Roderick has ruthlessly punished any who dare to practice magic. But deep beneath the earth, hidden from the eyes of the king, a secret academy of earth mages has flourished.

When 16-year-old Elara discovers her own powers of earth magic, she is whisked away to the academy to hone her skills. As she learns the ways of magic, Elara discovers that the academy is not just a place to learn, but a place to resist the tyrannical king's reign.

As the academy's mages prepare to fight for their freedom, Elara finds herself at the centre of a dangerous plot to overthrow King Roderick. With the help of her fellow mages and a few unexpected allies, Elara must navigate a web of political intrigue and deadly magic in order to save her friends and bring justice to the kingdom.

But with the king's forces closing in on the academy, Elara and her allies must race against time to uncover the truth behind the rebellion and stop King Roderick's oppressive regime once and for all. Will they succeed, or will the kingdom be plunged into darkness forever?

Categories: Fantasy, Young Adult, Magic, Coming of Age

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Baldur's Children (On Amazon Now!)

Set within a fictional continent and based on the Viking people and Norse mythology, Baldur’s Children is the fight between mortals and the Gods. Set in their ways, the members of the Rakki clan are forbidden to cross the God's Chasm to the east, though one day, this all changes when a mother entrusts the care of her baby girl to Jarl, who is sworn to guard the Chasm.


 Sylfia's true beginnings are hidden from the rest, and she grows up as a valuable clan member as Jarl and Sigrid's true daughter. Sylfia is told by the dying clan Elder, with her dying breath, that she alone is the one who can prevent the passing of Ragnarök.


Breaking their single sacred rule, Sylfia leaves the Rakki clan and crosses the Chasm, only to be followed by her father, who seeks to protect her.


In the west, Sylfia becomes gravely injured by a great wolf and is healed by a man who has the divine power to magically heal her wounds, and the pair are told that once a person enters their settlement, they are forever unable to leave.


Testing what she believes she has been gifted by the Gods, Sylfia leaves the settlement, only to fall again, and this time she enters into a coma that she will not awaken from for some time.


Jarl will discover, as his daughter sleeps, that the people who call themselves 'Baldur's Children' are not all that they seem, and once he finds that they have been milking his daughter of her power so that they too may leave the settlement, the pair escape with the help of two sympathetic clan members.

Categories: Historical Fiction, Epic Fantasy, Norse

Baldur's Children eBook.png

Lanista: Wrath of the Gods

This book is a historical fantasy story, where magic and divine intervention are used alongside historical events to create a thrilling and deep narrative.

If you love Roman Gladiators, magical powers, the power of the Gods and a loveable dog, all wrapped up in a coming of age story, then this i the book for you!

View it HERE on Amazon and Audible.


Don't Call Me Jack

This book is a LitRPG Historica Fantasy. A twist on the Jack the Ripper Murders with an element of gaming.

If you like LitRPG, or Jack the Ripper, then this one's for you! Narated by the amazing Ben Douglas, this one's a must listen!

View it HERE on Amazon and Audible.

Copper Rose Concept_edited.png

The Copper Rose

A VR LitRPG / Gamelit Book

Welcome to Eden Concept_edited.png

Welcome to Eden

A VR LitRPG/Gamelit Book

Cascade Failure Concept_edited.png

Cascade Failure

A Sci-Fi Base Builder Book

Legacy of Man Concept_edited.png

Legacy of Man

A Progression Fantasy Book

Lanista Concept_edited.png

Lanista: Wrath of the Gods

A Historical Fantasy

What is LitRPG, Gamelit and Progression Fantasy?

These genres / terms are all kind of related. Gamelit is a kind of book, story, short story, novella or novel that includes a kind of gaming element - like a person being sucked into a game world (think Ready Player One).


Progression Fantasy books are not too dissimilar from GameLit and LitRPG - In fact, LitRPG is a sub-genre of Progression Fantasy. Progression Fantasies are stories that involve the main character increasing their power, skills or abilities in a tangible way, such as a gene editing program that has a percentage that grows as the book goes on (have you read Legacy of Man?)


LitRPG is my favourite of the three. This is the genre where the main character can see their levels, skills, equipment etc with a system UI, quest screens and notifications. There are so many books in this genre and so much to explore - Audible and Kindle Unlimited are must-haves for these.

What is Kingdom Building or Base Building?

It may sound obvious to some, but generally base building and kingdom building fit within the LitRPG and Gamelit genres. Base building (have you read Cascade Failure?) takes elements from gaming in the way that the MC will help to create a base, settlement, village or location that they will generally control, complete with information panels and sometimes even building levels (have you read The Copper Rose?).

Kingdom building is similar to this though on a much larger scale. Fantasy and Sci-Fi novels usually need this (or World Building) because the setting of the book is not the same as the real world.

Have a FREE book on me.



Freedom Online: The Birth of a New World is the prequel novella to the LitRPG series, ‘Freedom Online’. 

Set within the VR world of Freedom, this novella follows the creation of the universe, the beginnings of the Human, Elven, Dwarven, Orcish and Goblin races as they search for thein place within the world.

Through hardships and struggles, can the Goblins fight for their very existence against the mighty Elves? Can the Humans retain their segregation and keep all of the other races out of their business? Can the Dwarves keep a hold of their fortune within the Broken Mountain? Only time will tell…

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