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My Short Stories

I like to write short stories, I find that if you don't like a character or get bored of a situation, then a short story is the perfect solution. They'll appear here as I write them!

Big Fish

Go and watch the film: Big Fish - then you'll understand why when I say my dad has a story about everything, you'll see why that's relevant. Anyway, my own Big Fish stories are below - things that are random, that I know of otherwise learn and find interesting.

War Games

War games is a battle scene set on an imagined battlefield between two long enemies: the plastic green army men and the plastic yellow Native American Braves. Locked in a never-ending cycle, we see how one soldier feels about his current predicament.

Don't Call Me Jack

Don't Call Me Jack is a scene set in London, 1888 where the prolific murderer Jack the Ripper once operated. A supernatural twist and a case of mistaken identity lead to this man being labelled as something that he simply is not.

The Darkness (Horror)

A short horror excerpt.

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