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Historical Fiction Double!

2 Full eBooks to read on any device, for just £2.49!

Over 700 pages of historical fiction, magic and the Gods!

Lanista: Wrath of the Gods

A Roman Gladiator Historical Fiction with magic and the Gods.

Set within the ancient Roman Empire, this is a story of Gladiators, the arena, magical symbols and The Gods.

Astra inclinant, sed non obligant.

The stars incline us, they do not bind us.

In the ancient Roman town of Liternum stood one of the bloodiest gladiator arenas in the land; Brutal matches between gladiators frequently graced it’s golden sands, though out of the view of the bloodthirsty crowds, there is so much more happening than simply gladiators fighting for the adoration of the people.

Titus Gaius Brutus is the son of a Lanista, an owner of a gladiator school, a ludus. Titus had spent the first six years of his life inside of his parents’ ludus, learning the ways of the arena and benefiting from the coin that the games provided. However, tragically, everything he had ever known was torn away from him and he was thrown to the mercy of the people of Liternum, who could either aid him, or ignore his plight.

With nothing but a family name that has become all but ashes, and his best friend and pet dog, Dinari, Titus discovers a secret that some of the more proficient gladiators had been keeping from the public, and possibly even each other: these gladiators have a way to channel the might of the Gods.

Flectere si nequeo superos, Acheronta movebo.

If I can not bend the will of Heaven, I shall move Hell.

Titus eventually finds himself stuck in the middle of a conflict between the Gods, though can he use his newfound abilities to channel their power to help rather than harm? And can he revive his family name and become a lanista at the head of a ludus that can shake the very foundations of the Roman Empire?

Only time will tell….

This book is a historical fantasy story, where magic and divine intervention are used alongside historical events to create a thrilling and deep narrative.

Baldur's Children

A Norse Inspired Viking Historical Fiction with magic and the Gods.

Between east and west, the great God’s Chasm separated the clans of the west and the unknown lands to the east. Over hundreds of years, not a soul that crossed this chasm would ever return or be heard from again.

None of the clans in the west dared to venture out into the unknown because of the fear that this instilled. Instead, they guarded the God’s Chasm so that nobody would be lost to the abyss.

Jarl had been tasked with this duty. He and his clan, the Rakki guarded a short section of the Chasm and swore to do whatever they could to prevent anyone from crossing over to the other side.

One quiet night, the arrival of a baby from across the Chasm handed Jarl a decision to make: doom this child and hope for the mercy of his people, or keep her a secret and raise her as his own.

Sylfia would grow up never knowing where she came from, but inevitably she will be pulled back as prophesied to the lands from which she came. This secret settlement was a world of magic, though they could not have known that they would never be allowed to leave once they entered this forbidden place.

That is unless Sylfia was blessed with a secret of her own.

With great battles and struggles against Gods and beasts the likes of which the mortal realms have never seen, Sylfia and Jarl will need to make more difficult decisions than any other mortal has ever had to make; after all, what is good for the many may not necessarily be good for the few.

Follow Jarl and Sylfia on their journey to try to prevent Ragnarök by conquering the nine rings of Helheim itself and discover which of the Gods will be helpful and which will look to hinder them in their task.

This is a story of myth, magic and the bonds of family and friendship, set against the backdrop of the norse people and their beliefs.

The story of Baldur’s Children is an epic Historical Fiction that has taken influence from Norse Mythology and contains divine powers, mythical creatures, Gods and other beings.

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