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Welcome to Eden

This book is a LitRPG Fantasy set in a VR world run by a sentient AI. The only problem is, is that once William had entered his pod to test the game, he soon found that he was unable to log out.

By teaming up with a group of elven prisoners and their Chief Jailor, William and his party must fight for their very lives against unsurmountable odds. The enemy though, may not be all they seem to be.

This story contains stat pages, inventories, world-building, levelling, skills, magic and battles. Also, there are NO HAREMS or adult scenes!

The battle to come:
The enemy that had been left behind remained completely still as they watched their kin approach the walls of William’s campsite.

From their perspective, they watched as the spiders and ants were briefly slowed by the still waters of the crystal moat, entering it on one side before slowly emerging from the water the other. Then, they would easily climb the wooden walls that separated them from their prey.

The belligerent creatures streamed over the precipice of the walls by the thousand, as though they were returning to their nest in times of danger. It lasted almost a full minute before the streams of bodies and legs finally completed their siege – the first wave were all inside the wooden walls. William could only hope beyond hope that Sharia was ready...”

Swarm Entertainment, Inventors of Welcome To Eden
The board of directors of Swarm Entertainment had been working on a singular goal for nearly ten years when the breakthrough had come. Since the first consumer release of VR systems, many had realised that the future of VR gaming would always be total immersion, but very few had thought along the same lines as Swarm Entertainment.

This story follows William, a clever man who had been handed the pleasure of entering the virtual world of Eden and its virgin lands before any other human being. He would be the first visitor to unknown computer-generated lands, but he won't be welcomed with adoration. Complete with stats, leveling and the like, this is a LitRPG adventure.

The LitRPG genre has a fantastic and supportive community. If you have enjoyed this book, please go forth and search for more. There are so, so many to both read and listen to out there.

Categories: Progression Fantasy, Fantasy, LitRPG, VRMMO

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