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Legacy of Man Concept_edited.png
Welcome to Eden Concept_edited.png

Charlie was an average twelve year old orphan, though once an opportunity arose for Charlie to undergo experimental treatments to cure his paralysis, he jumped at the chance to remove the burden of his care from the Browns, and was transported unknowing to him to another planet, where he would become a cadet of the brand new arm of the earth militaries: The Space Corps.


A cadet in a wheelchair would be difficult for the others to accept, though finding friendships in Laura and Mauro, Charlie battled through and as a member of the GAP (Generic Advancement) Program, he began to grow into something so much more than he could’ve ever imagined.


Charlie would never have imagined the advancements to his physical body that the GAP Program would provide, though leaving his whelchair would soon show to be the least of his trials as he battles for the very survival of himself, his friends, planet Earth, and humanity as a whole.

Categories: Sci-Fi, Militaristic, Fantasy

“The enemy that had been left behind remained completely still as they watched their kin approach the walls of William’s campsite. From their perspective, they watched as the spiders and ants were briefly slowed by the still waters of the crystal moat, entering it on one side before slowly emerging from the water the other. Then, they would easily climb the wooden walls that separated them from their prey. The belligerent creatures streamed over the precipice of the walls by the thousand, as though they were returning to their nest in times of danger. It lasted almost a full minute before the streams of bodies and legs finally completed their siege – the first wave were all inside the wooden walls. William could only hope beyond hope that Sharia was ready...” 

This story follows William, a clever man who had been handed the pleasure of entering the virtual world of Eden and its virgin lands before any other human being. He would be the first visitor to unknown computer-generated lands, but he won't be welcomed with adoration.


Categories: LitRPG, Settlement Building, Progression Fantasy, Fantasy

Copper Rose Concept_edited.png
From The Ashes Concept_edited.png
Cascade Failure Concept_edited.png

The world of Freedom Online is a Full Immersion Virtual Reality game where players around the world covet the chance to enter one of the over-demanded and undersupplied FIVR pods that the rich, or lucky lottery winners inhabit for their minimum one year term.

Written in the first person, the protagonist, Tandy, must fight to survive in an open-world fantasy setting filled with mythical creatures by crafting, building and creating not just things and buildings, but also friendships and relationships along the way.

My personal view on this one is that it's all about his unlikely best friend, a goblin named Ushuk who loves nothing more than seeing Tandy hurt himself.

Categories: LitRPG, Settlement Building, Progression Fantasy, Fantasy

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